Cybercrime, including ransomware, is one of the top challenges facing organizations today. Businesses across the globe are suffering staggering cyber-related losses, losing around $60 billion on cyber crime annually.  

We are excited to launch our thought leadership campaign, “Cyber Insurance claims: Minimize risk, maximize recovery,” which provides a comprehensive look into the key issues relating to cyber insurance and ransomware claims and how clients can minimize their risk and maximize their recovery before and after a cyberattack.

Litigation in this area is rising and cyber insurance policy forms continue to develop and mature in response to new and evolving risks and exposures. Further, the cyber insurance market is taking steps to limit its risk profile, often in the form of new or broadened policy exclusions. As cyber-related losses continue to increase and the demand for cyber insurance coverage grows, so do cyber insurance premiums and the need for coverage counsel to help analyze insurance gaps, manage and document insurable losses, and resolve claims.

Reed Smith’s cyber insurance lawyers have drafted a series of articles covering many aspects of cyber liability coverage. These articles provide comprehensive information to policyholders in all industry sectors on a range of cyber issues. We hope you find these articles useful and invite you to reach out to Andy Moss, Mark Pring, Carolyn Rosenberg, Cristina Shea, or any of our other cyber insurance coverage lawyers for more information.

Preventing an attack

Preparing for an attack

Responding to an attack

Following an attack